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Almond Dark Chocolate Ginger ~ 7 pack Zenergy (Also Vegan)

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Good energy source with immune-boosting ingredients like ginger. This one has a bit of crunch, its chocolatey & subtle taste of ginger after will leave you thinking it was just right! Love unique & peculiar combos? Then, this one is for you. We use 70% dark chocolate which has no white sugar and emulsifiers in it & it comes from happy trees.


Rich in fiber, healthy fats, and enough protein to keep you full.

Rich in Vitamin E and Magnesium

A better source for more energy and good for your heart.

Keep your blood sugar stable and boost brainpower.



Pumpkin seeds

Sunflower seeds


Dark chocolate 70%

Ginger powder 

Nutrition Facts

Energy 179kcal

Carb 14.4gm

Protein 4.2gm

Fat 11.6gm

Sugar 6.9gm

Saturated fat 1.9gm

Transfat 0.0gm

MUFA 5.6gm

PUFA 4.0gm

Cholesterol 0.5gm