Whole grain gluten free Beetroot Cacao pancakes - Maintain weight and fuel performance


As you already know I am always finding ways to incorporate veggies when I cook for my kids. My kids do eat veggies but I prefer to make meal times hassel free by coming up with ideas of blending in vegetables that will also make the dish taste good enough for them. I do let them know what it has and it is healthy but it saves time and me nagging them to eat veggies. I am sure you can relate to this, if you are a mom just like me. 

Well, I made these Beetroot pancakes, which aren't only for kids but you can make them too. 

We as a family add beetroot in our diet regularly since it is one of those highly nutritious root vegetable. I do live an active lifestyle so it is even better to add them in our diet regularly to enhance physical performance. 

This is because beets have nitrates that improve performance during high-intensity endurance exercises like cycling, running. It can increase stamina and boost oxygen use in your body. 

Having said that the nitrates which are present in processed foods should be avoided as they are harmful. More on this coming soon in my next post. But for now this simple advice and a recipe for you will get bring you lot of health benefits so enjoy cooking them. 

Do let me know how it was once you cook them and any issues you have with the recipe. I look forward to your comments as it will boost me more to add nutritious recipes for your daily health. 

[[ recipeID=recipe-9kzdli9j7, title=Beetroot Cacao Pancake ]]

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