Plant protein salad in minutes



How are you spending your time during lockdown? If you ask me, nothing has changed for me apart from the feeling that we are locked up in & its pretty scary to be out right now. Although I still try to worry less & focus on having a good routine through out the day & find ways to keep myself busy. 

One thing which keeps me busy is cooking & experimenting in kitchen & also trying out recipes from my favourite cookbooks. I also focus on cooking quick & easy meals at home which saves time & are nutrient dense. Personally I am a big fan of salads, I love to pair them up with most of my meals. Especially now when it is so hot, they can be very refreshing.  

Lately I have been experimenting with various beans & legumes as a main ingredient in my salads. I love how it makes a salad a complete meal on its own. Thats because it is rich in amino acids the protein building blocks our body needs, are also loaded with antioxidants & rich in folate. 

Today I made  a double bean salad at home with few ingredients & it was very light & nourishing. It also gave me the feeling of fullness as these beans are rich in fiber & have healthful starches. I thought I will share this simple recipe with you to try at home. Its effortless & all you need is few basic ingredients to make a fabulous salad at home. 

This salad is also great for vegans & vegetarians looking for variety of plant based quick meals to make at home. Check it out & let me know how it was if you made it :)

[[ recipeID=recipe-9kog2aa7i, title=Honey & sesame double bean salad ]]

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