Chickpea & oat crackers with chives & chilli

Lately, I have been experimenting with various kinds of flours to make some homemade crackers at home for kids. I love crackers & usually get it from local homegrown brands but it feels like it's never enough to eat.

I like to prep healthy snacks at home in advance since both my kids want munchies all the time & I run out of interesting snacks to keep coming for them. I am one of those moms who struggle with the idea of letting kids eat anything in the name of a snack knowing that it is not giving any nutrients & in no time hunger will strike again. 

The other day, I boiled some chickpeas to make hummus but didn't have some ingredients, so I thought why not make some crackers with it instead. I had few failed attempts making crackers in the past but wasn't ready to give up just yet. 

I know chickpeas are a great source of plant-based protein & they are so versatile from making our traditional chole's to falafel bowls & hummus dips, what's not to love about chickpeas! So I made some freshly baked chickpea crackers at home.

They came out just perfect with a bit of crunch & crispness. Snacks got to be protein-rich & packed with fiber & chickpeas are a wonderful source of vitamins minerals to give you the feeling of fullness between meals & keep you away from unhealthy snacking. Chickpeas are also known to help you lower your calorie intake, as this can be challenging this time of the year when we are sitting down more & there is less movement. 

In the end, I was lucky enough to have a great recipe to make a plant-based protein-rich cracker & make snacking guilt-free & would love to share this with you too!

 Check the recipe below & make your own at home. Feel free to add any of your favorite seasoning & herbs in them too, you can do so much with this one ingredient it's unbelievable. Enjoy!

[[ recipeID=recipe-8kov0kobw, title=Chickpea chilli & chives crackers ]]

You can also download it below for future use.



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